Do you always find yourself embarrassed because your armpits are wet from sweat? Do you find it hard to look for the best pair of shoes because your soles perspire too much? Then you most probably have hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. It is a medical condition where the sweat glands of a person are overly active and produce too much perspiration. In the usual cases, the condition only involves the excessive sweating on particular areas of the body, such as the armpits. However, in other cases, other parts of the body may also produce too much perspiration such as the soles of the feet and the palms.

This condition often gets noticed after a person reaches the stage of puberty. This is because this is the period when the body experiences too many changes brought about by the abrupt growth associated with this particular stage of life. The causes of this condition may be diverse, but such condition is often aggravated by stressful situations such as a job interview, a difficult examination and an important date.

This condition is not easily treated by the use of deodorants which can be bought over the counter. This is not the usual perspiration that is addressed by those kinds of deodorants or antiperspirants. This condition is more severe, therefor it requires a more concentrated solution to prevent sweating.

Excessive sweating may be controlled through the application of certain medications such as a twenty percent aluminum chloride hexahydrate alcoholic solution on the affected areas. The treatment will vary depending on the area where the solution is to be applied. Nevertheless, the common thing to be observed is that the solution must stay on the affected area for a relatively long period of time such as an eight hour period while sleeping at night.

If the affected area is the armpits, the solution should be applied on them while they are dry. It is best to apply the solution before going to bed and leave it there overnight. The solution can then be washed off in the next morning and there would be no need to apply your usual deodorant. The treatment must be kept up until the sweating is already under control.

The treatment is different where the affected areas are the palms and soles. The skin in these areas are thicker than the skin in the armpits therefore it might be necessary to cover the skin with solution with a plastic covering or film or gloves in order to keep the solution closer to and longer on the skin.

Where the application of this solution fails, it might already be necessary to consider other solutions such as taking internal medicines or the treatment called electrophoresis.